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Bright Horizons is a group of small, six-bed assisted living facilities in west Broward County, Florida, which has been serving our residents since 1998. Our assisted living facilities are located in Coral Springs and Sunrise, Florida. We provide elderly residents who can no longer live alone with a supervised home-like environment, assistance with the daily living activities, assistance with self administration of medication, and other personal services.

Because we operate small six-bed facilities, we have the opportunity to truly get to know our residents and their families. We enjoy our work, stay actively involved with the facilities on a daily basis, and look to cultivate close relationships with all our residents. We have been recognized in the community for the outstanding standard of care provided at Bright Horizons.

Over the last 16 years, we have helped families care for their loved ones by providing a safe and stable environment. In fact, due to the positive experiences of our current and previous residents, families continue to recommend Bright Horizons Assisted Living facilities to friends both near and far. We are proud to say that we have had residents living with us for over ten years, and also residents whose families are located internationally, who trust us to care for their loved one. Bright Horizons Assisted Living Facilities is truly a family like environment.

Assisted Living Resources

Below are some of the most common questions family members have when considering an assisted living facility for a loved one. We have put together some information to help you make the best decision for your family.

Five Questions to Know When It’s Time
There are signs that show it is no longer safe to let an elderly parent or relative live by themselves. The list below shows the top things to watch out for with an aging loved one.

  1. Cleanliness of their home or living space.
  2. Personal hygiene has deteriorated and could include weight loss or injuries due to falls.
  3. Withdraws from social activities and hobbies they used to enjoy.
  4. Memory decline, forgetfulness and unnecessary repetition.
  5. Negative financial decisions and reckless spending.

If you notice one or more of these signs, it is probably time to start the conversation with your loved one on a more supervised home environment.

Five Questions to Know Where to Go
  1. Is your loved one affected by physical issues (limited mobility, arthritis), or mental issues (lack of awareness or decreasing cognitive ability)? These issues may impact the type of services needed at the assisted living facility you chose.
  2. Is your loved one more introverted (enjoys quiet time) or more extroverted (sociable and enjoys talking and interacting with others)? This could be taken into account when choosing a facility.
  3. What is your loved one’s long term financial situation? Unfortunately due to economic downturns in the recent years, some seniors are in a precarious financial situation. This is a consideration when weighing long term care options.
  4. What are the State Survey results of local assisted living facilities, and which facilities have the best reputation? References are a good way to understand which facility to trust.
  5. What is the pricing and contract structure at the facility? It is helpful to understand the services offered, and length of time of the quoted rate when considering assisted living facility options.
How About Staying Home with Help?
While staying at home with help at times sounds like a very good option, there are both pros and cons to this approach that need to be evaluated.

For example, if there is a spouse or companion also living in the home, this option could seem like a good idea. However, if 24 hour care is needed this quickly becomes an expensive option depending on insurance coverage. In addition, the family needs to consider the implications of having unknown private aids in the home, and also prepare for the unknown issues that often come along when the aid unavailable.

Know Who to Trust
There are many options and referral companies in the assisted living facility business. We would caution you against assisted living facility referral companies. These can sound like useful tools on a tv commercial or through a quick online search, however these agencies are more focused on getting your information and trying to match you up with the highest paying referral facility.

Bright Horizons Assisted Living Facilities is here to help you make the best decision for your loved ones. We are active members of the local assisted facility business community, and if we can not meet the care needs for your loved one, we will gladly recommend a qualified alternative.

In addition to contacting us, please consider using the following resources to make an informed decision:

  1. Florida Assisted Living Facility Director – a comprehensive clearinghouse of information for assisted living consumers.
  2. Statement of Deficiencies – search for regulation violations found during an inspection or investigation of an assisted living facility.


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